The Romsey Festival announces new dates

Categories: Press releases

Following their first ever online meeting the Romsey Festival Committee are pleased to announce dates for a Festival in 2021 to replace the event cancelled this year.

Romsey Festival 2021 will launch at the Town Hall on Friday 2nd July and run through to Sunday 18th July 2021. All participants signed up for this year and who have responded, have supported the rescheduled dates, priority will be given to fitting those performances and events into the programme. The Committee expect to have at least two evening opportunities for larger concerts or performances.

Not only does the Festival give our community an opportunity to enjoy some great performances, many individual events offer an opportunity for funds to be raised for local charities and generate revenue for venues, an important motivator for Festival organisers given the huge loss of revenue these charities and venues have seen in 2020, because of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Rescheduling has resulted in some extra costs that must be covered, the Committee is grateful to its local authority and business sponsors who have all agreed that sponsorship funds can be carried forward. Romsey Festival is always keen to discuss additional sponsor opportunities with local businesses

Romsey Festival Chair, Liz Wagner, said “I am absolutely delighted that the 2020 Romsey Festival participants are really enthusiastic about holding a Festival in 2021. We intend that next year’s Festival will be a great celebration of the many and varied talents of our local community and it will be a real boost to participants and audiences alike.  I also hope that it will be something for everyone to look forward to and help make the current situation be a distant memory.”

Romsey Town Centre Manager, Mark Edgerley, said “This is really good news for Romsey we have to be hopeful that summer 2021 will see Coronavirus a controlled yet terrible memory for us all.  Romsey is known far and wide for our superb community spirit and this decision accords with that fact”