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        Dave Tonge

The Yarnsmith is

1.30 On the Road

3.00 At the Inn

with different tales


Grand Opening

Free session with LOTS of Tellers!



The King of Ireland’s Son (I)


Sharon Carr

Mary Anning



The King of Ireland’s Son (II)


Lisa Schneidau

A Walk in the Wild Woods


Sarah Rundle

Silk Road Stories



Cath Edwards

Jack O’London


Sarah Lloyd-Winder

Railway Stories…



Marion Leeper



Michael Dacre




Jason Buck

Ulfhednar: From Fear to Love, From Boy to Wolf


Katy Cawkwell

Pilgrims: The Story of the Mayflower

Since March, when we started planning, many Changes, not so many Journeys!The moment the First Storytelling Festival ended on October 6th last year, people said, “Are you doing one next year?” And we said, “Yes!”

Firstly, we decided to do it via Zoom, since there was no way to be sure when it would be safe, or permitted, to have lots of people in a room together. Be clear: all the storytelling in the Festival is live. No one has been, or will be, recorded. Told now, heard now. In the moment.

Told now, heard now, all over the world. Storytellers have had their normal lives destroyed by the pandemic, seen all their bookings cancelled – but with Zoom someone in New Zealand can hear your evening story while they eat their breakfast! There is a Change which has saved a Journey!

Secondly, we decided to look for a theme, rather than just have a lot of good storytellers telling stories one after another. It’s 400 years since Mayflower crossed the Atlantic, and Katy Cawkwell, whose Tristan and Iseult was the climax of last year’s festival, just happened to be offering a story about that voyage! That’s how we came to Journeys and Changes.

Last year, we had a Mediaeval Saturday, with Sarah Rundle’s Gawain and the Green Knight leading into Tristan, and being preceded by Dave Tonge’s Mediaeval Tales of Merriment, Mirth and Madness. This year, Sarah will be bringing us Tales from the Silk Road – is that a Journey with Changes? – and Dave will be On the Road and At the Inn with more stories to shorten the road and take our minds off our aching virtual feet.

We have journeys into the past: the very distant, Jurassic, past, with Mary Anning – Bone Hunter – lots of Changes there! – and the nearer past, with Jack o’London, a dark Victorian tale that makes its way into the light at the opening of our Festival. The King of Ireland’s Son needs two sessions to complete his journey! Pyrates! are likely to be encountered on most Journeys, and the young lad in Jason Buck’s Norse tale, Ulfhednar, undergoes a radical Change on his personal Journey from Boy to Wolf.

Lisa Schneidau, Devon-based botanist and ecologist, takes us for A Walk in the Wild Woods which is also a journey through our past and our folklore, while Sarah Lloyd-Winder, who told at the Railway Station last year, returns with Railway Stories. Definitely Journeys there – and let’s hope we make all the Changes and catch the connections! Marion Leeper and Jessica Law, from Cambridge by the Magic of Zoom, will be bringing us Bradamante, a feisty Renaissance heroine dressed as a man in armour and questing about in a fantasy version of the Crusades complete with sorcerers and, thanks to Jessica, songs!

The 5pm shows will be suitable for families, the 8pm ones are for older listeners.

These are the events we’re asking you to pay for, at , which is really important in these times when the livelihood of everyone who needs people to gather together in a room with them has been virtually annihilated – except for doing it virtually, which is our solution.

But there are FREE EVENTS, too!

The Big Launch on Monday, October 5th, will be free on Zoom, and will present a wide range of tellers.

The Library will bring Storytime every day at 11 am.

Story at 3, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, will bring a half-hour’s tale, from Grimm, from Russian folklore, from all over the world!

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