Frankie and Broccolo

  • 03:00 PM
  • Romsey Plaza Theatre, 40 Winchester Rd, Romsey SO51 8JA

Sunday 9th July, 15:00


TAE Teatro – from Romsey’s twin town of Treviglio – last visited in 2017. This time they will again be performing a variety of different things during their visit, including:

Frankie and Broccolo: a children’s story of veggies, gangs and friendship!

Mr Giacomone is the manager of a fruit and vegetable shop, who is often rude and makes fun of his kind, young assistant, Ardunio. Ardunio loves reading and one day, after being scolded again, he decides to dive into the fantasy world of his favourite story: Frankie and Broccolo.

Just like Ardunio, Frankie is a smart child who always has a book in his hands. But Frankie is also bullied by a gang at school: they laugh at him for reading and for the many freckles that he has! One day a new boy moves into town, Broccolo, who hides a very special secret: every time he gets scared, he also gets… really smelly! So the bullies make him their new target until… a special adventure that shows them what respect, politeness and friendship mean.


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