Illuminating the Middle Ages – Echternach Golden Gospels Talk

  • 01:00 PM
  • St Denys Church, Chilworth Old Village, Southampton SO16 7NN

Thursday 6th July, 13:00-14:00

Peter Krakenberger is a retired Mathematics teacher, having taught for forty years at a school in Winchester. For the last twenty-five years he has been fascinated by medieval illuminated manuscripts. He will be bringing with him a facsimile replica of a very remarkable manuscript, THE CODEX AUREUS EPTERNACENSIS.

Made around the year 1030, this wonderful decorated book is considered to be the more beautiful of the two most lavishly decorated books ever made. It is a copy of the four gospels written in gold ink, which makes it a Golden Gospel Book. It was written in Latin in the scriptorium of the Benedictine Abbey of Echternach in Luxembourg. Its decorative program is prodigious in scope. It features 14 imperial purple pages, eight of which are beautifully patterned with animals and echo Byzantine silk fabrics.

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Free event with retiring collection but numbers limited to 24 people (as requested by the speaker)

St. Denys church will also be open for specified hours during the Romsey Festival to give people the opportunity to look around this historic church.

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