Re-live the 2021 festival!

Great quality photos of all the events available on the Romsey Festival Flickr site

Romsey Festival

The 2021 festival has drawn to a close. Our thanks to all for a very successful and enjoyable programme of events organised in challenging circumstances…. and now we think ahead to the future!

As the Festival Committe Chair, Liz Wagner, said when the Festival flag was handed over at the Closing Service in Romsey Abbey the Romsey Festival is run by the Community for the Community and after each Festival the participants and community decide if there is to be a next festival.

This meeting will be on Thursday 30th September  in the Crosfield Hall Annex  at 7.30pm   – it will start with a drinks reception, details will follow early in September once the Festival Committee have met. All existing participants and potential organisers of new events will be very welcome.